“Dr. Han is an incredible doctor with knowledge and skill that is only found with medical professionals who have been working and excelling in their field for as long as Dr. Han has. His 20 years of experience in the specialization of back pain relief shine through in his practise which gets right to the point and fixes the problem at an amazing pace. It requires real knowledge of the interconnected functions of the body to be able to fix problems as profound as back problems and Dr. Han has proven to me and the friends I have recommeded Dr. Han to as well that he truly knows his stuff. He just gets in there and fixes your back and subsequently your overall wellbeing. My back pain is gone and my trust in Acupuncture as an effective means of treating back pain is 100%. Stay away from knifes and pills - go to Dr. Han today!”


Dear Zak Han
I am writing a feature on cupping for the Daily Mail womens pages.  I would like to interview you and visit to experience cupping therapy.  I will bring a photographer to take pictures for the paper. 
Would you be interested in participating in this feature for the Daily Mail?
If so, do you have any appointments free for tomorrow - Wednesday 14th July in Battersea or elsewhere in central or North west London.
I look forward to hearing from you.  My number is **********
Best regards

Zak Han is a dedicated professional who has a genuine concern for people. I met Zak Han over 2 years ago. I had been experiencing shoulder and arm pain for over a year. I had been to my medical doctor and received cortisone. I had been to my chiropractor for adjustments, ultrasound, etc. Nothing was working. I decided to give acupuncture a try and it was the best decision I could have made. Zak han set up a treatment plan that we followed for about 6 months. The results were amazing. I now have no pain and complete mobility.

Mrs Afza

I was very frustrated at not being able to walk, or even do my job due to the intense pain down my leg. In just 3 treatments Zak was able to get rid of the pain. It¹s been almost a year now, I¹m still pain free and able to enjoy my walking


I can't recommend Zak highly enough, He lovingly saw me throughout the last years of my life. I definitely benefited from Zak acupuncture treatments, I  became pain free during the course of his treatments.You would be lucky to have Zak ‘s treatment.


Had been a sufferer of back pain for many years. It was affecting my daily life, causing me much pain.Within my first treatment with Zak, I was feeling almost pain free and on my way to living a more balanced life. I continued to receive treatments, learn about acupuncture, and started taking better care of myself, eating better and sleeping better.I am a better, more healthy, relaxed person today due to my treatments. I am committed and believe in acupuncture and would recommend it to anyone, no matter what the imbalance was

Mrs Hamman

I have suffered with chronic pain due to a back injury and four subsequent surgeries for 20 years.  When my pain management doctor wanted to give me more and heavier medication, I decided to try a different approach.  That is when I found acupuncture and Zak Han.  The results have been remarkable.  I have less pain, I am more peaceful and calm.  I am no longer suffering. And....my allergies have cleared up!

A Mongham

I have been seen by Zak Han for my facial paralysis. I have had the condition for four months and since I've been getting acupuncture, there has been great improvement. I've even had a person say they can't even tell I had the condition. I'd highly recommend Zak Han to anyone seeking Chinese Medicine


My husband and I had started trying to conceive for long time by July of 2006 we knew something just was not right. we started considering another avenue of medicine. Acupuncture was the only other logical thing to try. So in May of 2007 I contacted Zak and made my first appointment with him. At our first meeting Zak ,sat with me and gathered information about my history and my present situation as well as some information about the results of my western medicine tests. He found I have serious lower back pain and lower abdomen pain  which may affect my infertility.I started my acupuncture therapy with Zak the following week. My sessions focused not only on my infertility but balancing other things in my life like stress and lower back pain. I am happy to report that on July we found out we were pregnant. So after 2 month of acupuncture therapy Zak helped make our dreams come true.


I have known Zak Han since 2005. I had an extremely painful case of sciatica, an inflammation of the nerves in the lower back that causes shooting pain in the legs and feet. I received little or no relief through medication, chiropractic treatment and even another acupuncture practitioner. Doctors told me major spinal disc surgery might be my only option. I saw Zak Han, and within 8-10 weeks, my debilitating condition was improved dramatically. I saw him once  a week. Since then, I have recommended his healing services to several friends, who have also seen him.


I have been suffering from neck and shoulder tension for years. Since I have seen Zak Han consistently for acupuncture, my pain is less, my general health is better and stress is much much less. zak  effectively alleviated my nagging neck and shoulder pain and made my life better by relieving stress and helping me with my diet and outlook. I look better. I feel better. I am happier and my neck and shoulders feel pain free. Thank you so very much


I play soccer every week and my ankles take a beating. After three weeks of pain I decided to call Zak Han. I aslo continued to play soccer thru the pain. I want to make it clear. I did not want to stop playing soccer. After three treatments with Zak the pain was gone. I just want to say thank you to Zak Han  for keeping me out on the field.


I first went to see Zak  for treatment for a localized problem I was having with my shoulder, without even thinking about treatment for my other health conditions which included high blood pressure, and depression. As it turned out, over the course of treatment all of these conditions improved significantly, and during a relatively short period of time. I guess because I didn't know much about acupuncture, I was surprised by what happened and how much better I felt overall.

Miss Jones