Founder of ZAK ACUPUNCTURE,Zak Han( M.D MATCM)has been practising acupuncture to effectively help patients since 1985.

He has over 25 years experience in Pain management;Reproductive TCM,Spinal conditions.He has in-depth knowledge and therapeutic techniques in both Western and Chinese health disciplines.

His work has attracted widespread journalistic interest. He has been featured on radio and newspapers and voted "Most influential acupuncturist"by US site,still on "Top people on acupuncture" twitter 2013. 

His clinic in 207 St. John's Hill,Battersea, London (Near to Clapham Junction Station) help many patients.

Zak Clinic Location and Fees


Zak London Clinic

207 St John's Hill. Battersea,London, SW11 1TH(10min walk to Clapham Junction Station).

Book your appointment ,

please ring 07967525168 or
email :

Appointments available from Monday to Thursday( 8am--9pm)
Initial consultation £80(1hr) Follow ups £70(45 mins)

Please note: We can only accept cash and cheques as payment

Please Pay £20 deposit to secure your first appointment whether booked by telephone or online.

Cancellation policy:

The deposit is part payment toward your appointment visit. It is refundable for charges or cancellations made 24 hours before the appointment time. For appointment booked with 24 hours of appointment,the deposit is refundable as long as you provide 2 hours notice by telephone or text.



You can pay your deposit by credit or debit card here.

Booking deposit

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